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3rd Annual FSR Summit Aims to Boost Patient, Caregiver Connections


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Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research patient summit | Sarcoidosis News | illustration of people looking at a tablet

After the success of its virtual event last year, the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) is gearing up to once again host an online summit for all those impacted by sarcoidosis.

The “Third Annual Global Virtual Patient Summit: Unveiling Possibilities” is set for July 30–31.

Billed as the world’s largest virtual sarcoidosis patient event, the summit is focused on boosting connections, sharing experiences and expertise, and identifying new resources for those with the immune system disorder and their caregivers.

“This extraordinary global event gives us the ability to bring together patients, caregivers, clinicians, corporate, and non-profit partners to explore up-to-date research, clinical practices, and living with sarcoidosis,” Mary McGowan, the CEO of FSR, said in a press release. “This year we are proud to have even more engagement from clinics and hospital partners as we offer stimulating networking opportunities.”

For the first time, the summit will be presented in both English and Spanish, and live Spanish translations will be available.

A limited number of scholarships will be provided from the foundation for participants who would not otherwise be able to attend. Applications are open during early bird registration, through July 8, or until all scholarships have been awarded.

To attend the summit, patients and supporters have until July 26 to register. The summit also is open to clinicians and industry partners.

The summit will continue to run through the same user-friendly virtual platform that was used in 2021. It allows participants to personalize their agenda based on their interests.

The platform will open its “virtual doors” four days before the summit’s start, allowing attendees to get familiar with it and start networking. Access to the platform will be available until September 20, allowing participants to review and re-watch any session.

On the agenda are four plenary sessions, which include “Unveiling Possibilities: What’s Next for FSR and the Future of Better Care and Finding a Cure,” and “Gastric Sarcoidosis and Treatment Related Gastric Symptoms.” Participants also can tune in for “Life Hacks: Gain insights and tools for living your best life with sarcoidosis through this dynamic patient and supporter panel.”

Lastly, the summit will offer a Q&A with sarcoidosis generalists.

Additionally, the agenda includes “Stimulating Breakout Sessions,” which will cover topics such as anti-inflammatory diets and fatigue management. Another session will discuss how to manage finances when living with a chronic disease.

During sessions for networking and discussion, attendees will be able to connect in chat rooms based on topics of interest. Each day will feature “Coffee Break” sessions of one hour dedicated to supporters and caregivers.

The discussion sessions will feature an “Impossible Choices: Living Life with Steroids Discussion,” as well as a session on how to communicate with health professionals, titled “Lost in Translation: A Discussion About Communicating with your Healthcare Team.” A final topic is devoted to supporters and caregivers, in a session titled “Secure Your Own Mask Before Helping Others: A Discussion for Supporters and Caregivers.”

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