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Xentria Raises $25M to Boost Development of XTMAB-16


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Xentria has raised $25 million in funding to further the development of XTMAB-16, its experimental antibody therapy for sarcoidosis.

The funding will allow for the launch of a global clinical trial of XTMAB-16 in sarcoidosis patients, planned to start early next year.

“I am excited about this round of funding and the momentum it will put behind our promising developments to date,” Kirsten Anderson, Xentria’s chief operating officer, said in a press release. “Patients with sarcoidosis have limited treatment options. Expanding our world-class leadership team will ensure we have the right experience and expertise at the helm to support the development of XTMAB-16, effectively moving the needle towards accessible treatment options for people living with sarcoidosis.”

Sarcoidosis is an immune system disorder characterized by the formation of small clumps of inflammatory cells called granulomas. Over time, granulomas build up in body tissues and can cause permanent damage to organs, most commonly the lungs.

XTMAB-16 binds to and suppresses the activity of TNF-alpha, a pro-inflammatory molecule involved in granuloma formation.

While no TNF-alpha inhibitors are approved in the U.S. to treat sarcoidosis, prior research showed about 11% of patients with sarcoidosis are being treated with such treatments off-label.

A previous study in a cell culture granuloma model showed cells treated with XTMAB-16 had a significant reduction in granuloma formation in a dose-dependent manner when compared to untreated cells. The study also demonstrated the treatment suppressed the release of inflammatory molecules.

A Phase 1 clinical trial (NCT04971395) in healthy volunteers assessed the safety and tolerability of XTMAB-16. The study also evaluated pharmacokinetics (a treatment’s movement into, through and out of the body), immune response to the therapy, and biomarkers of disease progression and response to treatment.

The trial enrolled 25 adults, ages 18–45, who received either a single into-the-vein injection of XTMAB-16 (2 or 4 mg/kg) or a placebo. It was completed in March and the results may be released next year, according to Xentria’s website.

Now, the funding will support the next stages of XTMAB-16 clinical development in sarcoidosis patients.

“This funding round is an important milestone for Xentria as we advance our pipeline and execute against our goal of developing critical therapeutics for patients in need,” said Tom Shea, Xentria’s president.

As part of its growth strategy, the company also is opening a new headquarters in Chicago.

“Innovation in health care and life sciences is accelerating in Chicago at an unprecedented pace,” said Michael Fassnacht, president and CEO at World Business Chicago, and chief marketing officer for the city of Chicago.

Xentria’s headquarters will be adjacent to other companies also looking to develop new medical solutions.

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