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With Sarcoidosis, I Sometimes Battle Guilt — and I Shouldn’t


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For the past few days, I’ve been feeling distant in my relationships, mostly because of an unusual series of deaths close to me.

This is the 19th year since I lost my mother. It’s also been 18 years since I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. For some reason, I’ve been thinking about the two events more than usual.

I often think about my mother, which brings a cheeky grin to my face. A single parent, she was a cool person. She was often a counselor to many of my family, my brother’s friends, me, and a lot of older folks I grew up around. More than anything she was a character. She made up some of the most off-the-wall sayings, and yet they made absolute sense. After she passed, I only had her past advice and conversations to rely on. I also had some of her best off-the-wall stories.

Last week, I found out that my mom’s last remaining friend, her best friend, had passed away, which was a total shock to my brother and me. It was also the one-year anniversary of the passing of one of my favorite cousins. In fact, I’ve lost six folks from October 2021 until last week. I was close with five of them, and one was a former work colleague. And one of my mother’s good friends passed in February. He was like another son to her.

Thinking about these losses has made me feel somewhat guilty — partly because I wasn’t able to say goodbye. But given my health situation, I’m used to feeling guilt. I often wonder whether I’m responsible for my illness and, at times, feel like a burden.

One thing I learned from my mother is that each person has a cross to bear. The cross could be an illness, a family situation, a personal problem, or something more serious. It can be anything. I know I can’t bear another person’s cross; it’s meant for them.

I took some time to reflect on the relationships I had with those I’ve lost this past year. Each person had a cross to bear — just as I do. All of them had something going on with their health, but it never stopped them from being their true selves. And I’m quite sure guilt wasn’t on their minds.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve caused this problem, so why bother trying to do better? Nothing could be further from the truth. I didn’t cause this problem. One thing about sarcoidosis is that it doesn’t discriminate. Moreover, if I continue to feel guilt, I won’t be able to live a meaningful life.

I was introduced to sarcoidosis after my mom passed. Before that, I was living the dream. Now, it’s sometimes hard for me to feel like I’m not doing my part as a provider. Society doesn’t make that any easier, nor should I expect it to.

We all have a cross to bear, and guilt isn’t on the cross. I think about all I’ve done, all I’ve been through, and the cross I’m bearing because of sarcoidosis. I’m better than the guilt I sometimes feel, regardless of my circumstance. I’m just too stubborn to play by anyone else’s rules!

Today is a new adventure, and I’m leaving the guilt to its own demise. Each day we’re blessed with a new chance to get something right or to correct ourselves. So as I look in the mirror and marvel at how far I’ve come, I start each adventure knowing that if you control the mind, you control the man. The rub is always to stay in control, no matter what the circumstance.

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