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FSR’s Women of Color Committee Seeks Applicants


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FSR Women of Color Committee

African American women diagnosed with sarcoidosis or who have strong connections to the sarcoidosis community, are invited to apply to become members of the Women of Color Committee of the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR).

The FRS Committee aims to provide insight into a large-scale education and awareness campaign about sarcoidosis and African American Women.

Committee members also will “serve as the face and voice of this campaign, using their personal stories and experiences to educate and increase awareness of sarcoidosis in African American women in communities nationwide,” FSR wrote in a press release.

In the U.S., sarcoidosis affects African Americans more than any other group. African American women experience the highest rates of the disorder, with as many as 2% of them developing the condition in their lifetime, the organization noted.

African Americans also are more likely than others to experience the chronic and more severe symptoms associated with the condition.

Members of the Women of Color Committee will receive communication training, participate in media interviews and events, have the opportunity to take part in the Sarc Podcast, and will be able to provide input on educational resources.

Those interested should submit an online application by Wednesday (June 2)  and complete an interview with a FSR team member. Interviews will be held between June 3–18. FSR will notify applicants of their final decisions on June 22.

In addition to completing a pre- and post-project survey to evaluate the campaign, committee members are expected to commit to serving for one year.

Other responsibilities may include writing an op-ed, distributing educational material throughout one’s network and community, participating in FSR-led social media campaigns, and both promoting and attending an FSR webinar on the African American Women and Sarcoidosis project.

An online handbook details the complete roles and responsibilities ofc members.

Founded in 2000, FSR is built around three main project areas: patient outreach and educational programs; physician outreach programs that educate physicians on sarcoidosis; and funding scientific research into treatments and a cure for sarcoidosis.

The organization has raised approximately $4 million for sarcoidosis research and has provided resources to tens of thousands of patients around the world.

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